?lesund And Matfestivalen (Food Festival)

Velkomen Til Ålesund!! Reached Ålesund around 7pm from Oslo.


This place is simply beautiful. It felt very very different from Oslo, definately more quaint, and has a certain dignified character yet mysterious and mischevious in a certain way. One could see water almost everywhere, since Ålesund is surrounded by the sea. The roads too, are hilly, not flat, which could makes walking a bit of a challenge at times, yet contributing to the mysterious excitement of not knowing what lies ahead of the hill as you stroll along.  The waterscapes were really beautiful and the sunset that evening was gorgeous.  I must say that the boats were really nice. Morden speedboats are seen alongside more antique looking ones. Truly a comparison between the old and the new.


Some of the interesting handicrafts I came across. They have quite a few good household stores. 


If I’m not wrong, This, is a cinema!! 🙂


And this is a rainbow. In all my life, I’ve never seen one as crisp and beautifully gorgeous as this. Ålesund seems to be a place to catch rainbows. I’ve already seen 2 so far… 🙂


Having a plate of piping fish and chips for dinner at this place in 10C weather is true bliss.


The Matfestivalen. Definately worth going there for and I enjoyed the food quite a bit. More pictures of food could be found here, here, here and here :).


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