2010 – 2020

It’s the year 2020.

Some folks call it a decade, some decry that and call it incorrect, and that the definition of a proper decade ends this year and starts in 2021.


Global warming

You can’t please everyone. This last 10 years from 2010 to 2020 has been a period of being politically correct, being sensitive, being vegan etc…love the world.  Yet you see everyone still behaving as if the world is alright. In fact, that has taken a new twist and everyone is super ‘woke’ or ‘charged up’ about being someone than actually becoming someone that really matters. 2010 to 2020 has been a year which saw people putting all their energy, and I mean all of it into very minute things – Things that may not be as impactful or important but they are things, but not much energy into things that really matter.

It’s like everyone is aghast about climate change and political correctness and people believing that advocacy is the only way to do things. Well, advocacy is just 20% of how things are supposed to be done, but most folks forgot about the other 80% because they spent 100% of their energy on advocacy and they have nothing left for implementation.

In the world, there is still income disparity, we are still not there with gender equality, and we even seem to have trouble with the definition of gender (or for the lack of it).  I sometimes wish people will stop having ideologies and do something rather than just term things for a lark or just so that one group would feel more secure or/and fashionable. It is not wrong to desire a better place to live due to environmental/social concerns, but in doing that, you make everyone’s life 10x more difficult, begs the question of making the environment better in the expense of living. That should not be the case.  While it is true that extravagance leads to waste and obliviousness can make one insulting, but swinging to the other extreme makes you just as guilty. 

And then the things that were innocent and harmless are being exploited by the politically-correct sensitive crowd (aka the so-called warriors of social justice) just to fuel needless FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). 

There’re so many instances of this, google it yourself.

If I could sum up the last 10 years in a sentence, it would be that everyone wants to be a pretty and sensitive prick (and drag everyone along with them).

2010-2020 is also the decade of falsification of information, as well as using that accusation as an excuse when all facts failed. It’s like my parents telling me to look to God for guidance when they run out of reasons to decipher a situation logically. Similar tactic that is used by a lot of evangelical religious fanatics into situations which they felt they have ‘lost control’ of. 

Personally speaking

Personally, these last 10 years have been the better 10 years than my previous 10 years :).

I moved to Norway, am in the process of relinquishing my citizenship, changed jobs 3 times. This is my 2nd year at this current job that I have – but what can I say – except I really like what I’m doing. It’s not ideal to my dreams, but it’s the closest to it so far of all the jobs I’ve taken in my life.  Normally, by the 2nd or 3rd year, one would sort of feel whether one should continue working in a company or not.  But this is a growing company, and I, a system admin/engineer or whatever, grows along with it.  Lessons are learned, losses inflicted – physical, relational and financial wise, but all these give valuable and priceless lessons in my career.

It’s also the decade of self-discovery and reliance rather than something/someone that is believed on by many. It is also the decade I stopped believing in man-made things that are touted to bring peace, joy and fulfilment.  It never did, and ultimately, I am more fulfilled by believing in myself and my immediate family. That said, I’ve also become more accepting towards people of different beliefs. Because people have the right to believe what they want, but do not have the right to impose it forcefully upon others.

Because of this self-awareness, I’ve conquered many of my fears, weaknesses and sometimes things that seem to be a weakness stopped being one when I stop looking at them as a weakness. Such irony. Running, for example, is one of them. I’ve always had the opinion that I can never run as fast as someone else because of track record and my low self-esteem. But once I realised that I’m my only and worst enemy in all this, I started challenging and in the process of trying to better myself found myself become better than I thought I could be. This is only when I stopped using running as something I must achieve but as something that I must enjoy.  Same with sexual insecurity, same with the things that I used to fear.

It is my hope that I will continue to progress in the next 10 years. Especially when it comes to social skills and my work which I find currently lacking somewhat. As for running, I hope to achieve even greater heights to where I used to be, but only because I enjoy challenging myself rather than letting labels affect me, I just want to do as much as I can, rather than what society think I should be doing. Because society is untrustworthy, it’s fickle.  It’s not something that I can depend on with my heart and my soul. However, I am grateful for the nicer (but rare) and matured folks that come my way in my life – you guys/gals are what makes the difference between the diamonds and the fake gems shining in society today.

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