2020 was shit. Well, actually not…

If I look it in perspective:

  • Office was moved. Lots of knowledge/experience gained from setup.
  • Company’s domain was finally transferred after a 2 year delay.
  • Sold my flat in Singapore
  • I broke my previous 5km record.
  • Went to Stavanger, climbed Prekestolen
  • Saw Kvelertak.
  • Came out as a non-religious person to my immediate family.
  • Got a Nokia 🙂
  • Saw a porcupine up close.
  • Moved khoreograffiti to a new hosting provider. Hosting via Arch Linux now with docker. whee… 😎
  • Celebrated 22 years with my soulmate. Never been better 🙂
  • Last but not least, I got a slight increment.

And also, I booked a naturist holiday, but had to abort it due of covid. And I only got my full refunds from flights and all 9 months later.

If 2020 wasn’t shit because of covid, things might have turned out a bit differently.

I might have gone back to Singapore for a visit. Stuff like selling my flat and organising my finances might have been less stressful. But that will not expose the highly inflexible and inefficient way a certain bank is doing things.

Maybe I might not have came out as a humanist/agnostic to my parents as the opportunity wasn’t there to present itself. Remote correspondence does make you more bold in some ways you’ll never do so when you are face to face. Either that or the tendency to interrupt (my dad loves to do that a lot) is much less.

I miss talking to folks and friends, although I have resigned to the fact that they will never empathise where I’m coming from. I might have left meetings that I would have attended in a sour/low taste. Sometimes, you need disappointments in life to understand that the path you took is the right one.

There is a lot of What-Ifs. But to be honest, I want to progress. There are so many areas in my life that I would still want to improve – I don’t want to be another person that strangles my dreams because I’m ageing. Fuck age. It’s really all in the mind. And the pressure is really strong in some quarters.

My Norwegian has gotten better, though not as fluid as I would like it to be yet. I want to try the 10 km next in my runs. Technically, I want to steer the company to greater heights and to work better with colleagues. And something to look forward to, I hope to get a new home. And also, hopefully a graduation from a permanent resident to a citizen – the journey to that has just begun, it’ll probably take more than 2021 to realise.

These are the aims that I have for now, small aims, but I rather have them deliverable than to plan to do a lot, but never even touching close.

Hopefully, 2021 will be better than the year before for me and for everyone.

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