Botanisk Hage i Oslo

On April the 1st earlier this year, I took photos of Oslo’s Botanisk Hage. That was during very early spring, end winter.

Now in the summer, the same place has been totally transformed into a kaledescope of vibrant colours and hues to meet the human eye. 


Following this, is a photo journey of the photos I took with just a mobile phone camera. Oh well, there were some colour issues with my REAL camera, so I guess in this case the mobile camera (cheap as it may sound) triumphed over a real one. At least the colours were accurately captured, though the resolution was crappy on some of them. At one point the phone got really over heated, because I think I overdid the macro mode too much (touch focus) hence I had to switch off and reboot the phone a few times, losing some candid shots 🙁

Nonetheless, I did have a wonderful time capturing all these and felt really blessed that Nature has given to us these treasures to savour with pleasure. Enjoy the photos as I have enjoyed taking them. One day when I do get a real good DLSR, perhaps the quality of these pictures might improve. But here they are, in their essence, despite the quality.

A note that commentaries follow after mini galleries. There might be a need to scroll down a bit to read about the gallery. 


Bright and sunny, as I approach the greenhouse. 

The pictures within the Palmehuset.  I managed to get some really beautiful shots of flowers here, where the names of the flowers are captured in the subsequent pictures. 

Purple and yellow delight. Even though this was just a shrub in a corner, the simple but excellent combination of colours make this mini gallery just awesome.

The water lily corner, they were exquisite and mystical.

Daisies and flowers everywhere. It’s like being in toyland. I really like the way the colours stand out against the green hue.  Nature has it’s own way of coordinating the best colours to represent itself.


This may look like yet another photo of flowers, but I really liked it because it captured something that would probably take a one in a million chances to get it right.

Yes, a butterfly, with its wings open. :-). 
A collage of peonys and pink hues.. 
Then there’s this really lovely arc of what looked like orchids (?) Capturing the individual flower was extremely unsettling and difficult for me as I had a certain phobia of bees. There were two of them flying real close to me before I managed to get a good shot, and after which I quickly bolted :).

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