So if you had noticed, I’ve been taking selfies.

It may seem strange that I do so considering that I never advocate, or rather abhor those who take selfies in almost all scenarios that present an opportunity to.

My stand is still unchanged, if you have a picture worthwhile photographing, you don’t put yourself as the picture’s centrepiece when obviously the main highlight of the photo is not you. People who do this want to tell everyone that I was here, I ate at this place, I was with this animal, guy, gal, celebrity – real or fake. it’s all me, me, me where I’m more important than the presence of something/someone that should have been.

Fuck this selfish attitude. hated it.

So, I only take selfies where I am the main highlight of the picture.

And if I had to pose with someone / something important I’ll make sure that I’m not photographed in a way that insults their prominence.

And why now? when I’m in my middle age and I am happily married and in no need to fish for an admirer to feed my need for companionship. Perhaps it is that well, I’m ageing and I would like my memories of how I used to look like in pictures. In these times where I’m happy and satisfied for myself.  I know I’m a late bloomer, and probably had always thought of myself as unworthy.  But since moving here, I have begun to accept myself more.

So here is a selfie of me as it’s how I’d like to be taken.

I probably will receive some snide remarks and so on, people are always going to get angry about anything possible to get angry with.  But I’m already halfway through my life. Goodness knows how long I have more to live. I mean, if I’m a withered old man and I take selfies, I probably be wary because I may scare off a lot of people with them. Hopefully, people will see me for what I am rather than what I look like, thus by then, scary or not, it’s just me, man. I may get old, withered, scaly skin. My eyes may have wrinkles and I probably may not have any teeth left, I may not be able to cut the haircut that I have and may have to be bald? I don’t know. Will I be able to accept myself then, if I can’t even accept my image now? Questions, questions.

So yeah, selfies are self portraits. not the “I’m greater than the pic that you see and everyone’s that is in it.” type.
They should and would probably journal my journey as I age. That and nothing else.

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