Is religion still relevant in today’s society?

Religion is put in a rather bad light nowadays, it is being blamed for terror attacks, human rights violations as well as perpetuating sexual inequality.  

Translated from an article : “All muslims are not terrorists, but most of the terrorists are ‘muslims'”

It seems that religion is no longer being used just to improve one’s moral lifestyle, but it is now used for political, selfish, corrupt agenda. It is supposed to help people, but because of it, its believers are now marginalised, persecuted and abused. Take Islam for example, because most terror suspects are “muslims”, Muslims all around the world feel the discrimination. And on the other part of the spectrum, the Rohingya people are being constantly persecuted and their rights given to the Buddhists. And of course we heard of the many homosexual people who are badly treated, abused in the so-called traditional Christianity based countries.

I look at religion as a form of group thinking based on unity in thought and morals with an assumption that everyone shares the same mindset. And once you have this, there will be always be territorial struggles, prejudices, conflict because religion is generally greedy and self serving by nature. I think it is possible to have a belief system without subscribing to religion’s restrictions. For example, I can still be a good person while having pork or beef (even on Fridays). I can still be a morally nice person while I have attractions towards the same sex. It is called humanity, we are diverse in beliefs, but we are one united front in preserving the human race. And that is what religion is sorely missing nowadays. Embracing diversity in the face of its traditional beliefs.

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